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Request to change your phone number

Your phone number is used to secure your online accounts. To protect you, it takes a few days to approve your new number. Before you start the process, review the checklist below, you might be able to avoid this delay.

  • Have access to your old phone number? Install Authy on another device.

  • Having problems receiving SMS 2FA messages? Don't change your number.

  • Is Authy installed on another device? Change your number within the app.

  • Waiting on a replacement phone or returning to your home country within the week? Please wait.

If none of the options apply, please click Continue.

Phone change request

Start phone number change

To protect your account, this can take between 2 - 4 days.
We may also ask you for more information during this process.

If you are unsure, please click BACK to review your options.

Phone change request

Existing apps detected

We've detected you have the Authy app already installed. Open Authy and go to
Settings -> My Account. Select your old phone number and change it yourself immediately.

Ios app
Android app
Desktop app

Phone change request

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Access your email to start the phone change

Thank you for submitting a request to change the phone number on your account.

Phone change request

ERROR: A request to change this phone number is already in progress.

Sorry but there is already a request to change that number. If you didn't start this request, please contact us at